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Is the Moodle app free to download and use?

Yes, the app itself is free. Students and teachers who use the Moodle app will never pay any fees. Moodle site administrators can choose to sign up for a paid plan to unlock premium features.

Will I have to install a new app if my site upgrades to a paid plan?

No, the app will remain the same, but depending on the plan your institution has signed up for, you may have new access to certain functionalities.

Moodle Apps Plans

I am a client of a Moodle Partner. Do I have to subscribe to a paid plan?

If your Moodle site is hosted by a Moodle Partner, the changes will not affect you. However, if your Moodle Partner doesn't host your site, you may need to sign up for a plan, move to MoodleCloud or ask your Moodle Partner to host your site.

My site is hosted in MoodleCloud. Do I have to subscribe to a paid plan?

No, all the MoodleCloud sites have the Premium version enabled by default.

How do I know if my site needs to be upgraded to a Moodle App Plan?

If you are using MoodleCloud or your site is hosted by a Moodle Partner, you won’t be affected by these changes. Otherwise, you can register your site with a free plan and obtain information such as the number of active devices receiving push notifications during the last month. Site administrators should also check if they are using any of the 'Customisable app features' (via Site administration > Mobile app > Mobile app features) as continued use will require upgrading to a plan.

We are an NGO or a non-profit organisation. Do we need to upgrade? And do we need to pay?

NGOs and non-profit organisations can be eligible for a Premium Plan for free. Upon receipt of the necessary documentation and validation from Moodle HQ, organisations will have full access. Please note though that the verification process is per country and may take several weeks. Universities, colleges and schools are not eligible for any discount on any plan.

Can you explain the different limitations?

First and most important, the limitations are applied on a site basis.
* Multimedia Push notifications: Your Push notifications will include images and similar messages will be grouped (only Android)
* Basic branding: There is a tool in this portal to apply a very basic customisation of styles (header, footer and progress bars colours). Site admins can also upload a CSS file with basic styles for the app. The styles will only be applied on Premium sites. See Moodle app guide for admins for more information about this functionality.
* Number of active devices for mobile push notifications: Calculated monthly, this is the number of user devices actively receiving push notifications from the site. For example, for a site with 100 users enrolled, if half of them are using the app with one device configured to receive notifications, the potential number of active devices per month will be 50. In the Free plan, where the limit is set to 50, only the first 50 devices in a month will receive notifications from the site.
* Offline access to content: Complete courses available offline. Contents downloaded individually will be still available offline, but the user will be able to download complete courses for offline access to a certain limit depending on the plan.
* Customisable app features: These are app features that can be configured via the Moodle site administration tools (Moodle app section). For details, see Moodle app guide for admins.

Do I need to register my site even if I'm ok with the free plan?

We encourage you to do so. If you register your site, you will be able to access useful information such as notification statistics and you will be also able to enjoy the upcoming free features we will include.

I manage several Moodle sites, do I have to purchase a subscription for each one?

Yes, subscriptions are per site. Please notice that for multiple sites, our Branded Moodle App is the more affordable option. You can have one Branded Moodle App supporting multiple sites without any limitation or restriction. Please contact us if you are interested.


How do I pay for a plan?

For inmediate activation of any of the paid plans, you will need to make a credit card payment, PayPal will be also supported. For payments via bank transfer to Moodle Pty Ltd, a minimum of a two years Premium subscription will be required (so we can cover all the administrative work and bank fees). Once you've chosen this method, the Premium plan will be automatically activated. Notice that you'll have 4 weeks for processing payment. If after those 4 weeks we haven't received the payment yet, the plan will be canceled and you will get back to the free plan and penalties can be applied in further payments.

Where are the Bank details for payment via bank transfer?

They are at the bottom of the invoice that was sent to you via email (you can also download the invoice from your personal area in the Billing section).

Where is the IBAN number for the bank transfer?

In Australia, accounts do not have an IBAN – they use a BSB (bank, state, branch) identifier and an account number.

What can I do if my organisation is not allowed to do international payments?

Please, contact your local Moodle Partner. Please note that additional administration fees and a minimum of time of subscription will apply in this case. You can also use an online money transfer service that will route the money via a local account: TransferWise, Payoneer, Azimo, WorldRemit, PayPal, MoneyGram...

Can I pay in a different currency?

No, this is not possible yet. There are different online money transfer services (see previous question) that will allow you to pay in different currencies.


Any further questions?

Please post in the Moodle for mobile forum on or create an account for your Moodle site to contact us.